p phi Competitive Times - Daughter's Day 2018: The day by which you can make this Day Special

Daughter's day is a crucial day in a bid to celebrate the gift of our daughters, certainly one of the unique gift to the god to us. Undoubtedly there can be difference in terms of father and mother for every child, but it is our daughters who have reason to celebrate Daughter's day. 

Today i.e. on 23 September 2019 we are celebrating National Daughter's Day for which we are remembering out cute daughters. The day is very crucial for us in terms of planning and making something special to cherish daughters. 

However.there is something difference on the day to celebrate the Daughters day in India.
Generally in India, Daughter's Day  to be celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September and it has been in practice for the very long time. 

To celebrate the Daughter's day, parents use to dedicate the day to their daughter  for their fun, treats, and shared activities. They use to give something special to their daughters to make the day special for their life. 

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