Social media sensation Poonam Pandey in erotic thriller The Journey of Karma’
The Social media sensation Poonam Pandey is all set to make a comeback on the big screen with her erotic thriller The Journey of Karma'. Directed by Jagbir Dahiya, the film is slated to release on 26th of October.

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The film also stars veteran actor Shakti Kapoor in a prominent role. On asking Poonam about her role & experience for this film she stated, “In this film, I am playing 18 years old, so for that, I had to go back to my old things, I met few girls who go college & schools. It’s an amazing experience. And it was more amazing to work with Shakti Kapoor. When I got to know I am working with Shakti Sir, actually I freaked out, I felt it will be an interesting couple, and yes it was amazing to work with him.”

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Further, talking about #metoo movement Poonam added, “Well it’s a serious issue, I would say not every girl is talking truth, everyone is smart here, everyone known’s exactly what is happening, nothing happened on our set. Again I would say Shakti Kapoor Ji is a very nice person, nothing happened with me at all.”

Watch Poonam Pandey in her erotic thriller ‘The Journey of Karma’

Well, Shivender Dahiya plays a cameo in Surya Entertainment film The Journey of Karma. Shivender her stated, “I started working as a Project Director for the movie The Journey of Karma to supervise everything that goes behind the camera right from choosing the subject, scripting, storyline, the cast to what happens on the shoot. Working with Shakti Kapoor & Poonam Pandey was one of the most frolic & learning experience in my life.”

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Produced by Jagbir Dahiya & written by Rupesh Paul, this film is a story of a slum girl who is brilliant in studies, chasing her dreams to work in America. Travels through her journey full of twist n turns, surprises, lust with a mysterious old man.

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