Hornbill Festival is a spectacular event showcasing the rich ancient culture and civilization of the people of Nagaland. It powerfully demonstrates the cultural diversity and civilizational unity of the people. The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the hugely popular Hornbill Festival 2018 in Kohima on 01 December 2018, coinciding with the Formation Day of Nagaland. 

Home Minister said Hornbill Festival offers unique opportunity not only to the different tribes of the State to interact with each other and exhibit their cultural heritage but also with those from the neighbouring and other States in the true spirit of “Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat”.  Given the rich cultural heritage of Nagaland, Government of India has established the North Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre at Dimapur, Nagaland.  The North Eastern Council (NEC) has also funded the infrastructure for the Margaret Shikshak School of Music at Patkai Christian College, Dimapur.

Nearly 50% of Nagaland population is below 25 years. It is they who will shape the future of India including the future of Nagaland.  We have to create conditions where their creative and entrepreneurial potential is unleashed to the optimum.

It will help the countrymen to understand the cultural richness of the Nagas. Folk songs and dances are essential ingredients of the traditional Naga culture. Tradition is kept alive through songs and folk tales and very often romantic and historical themes are sung and stories of famous ancestors told.  Seasonal songs, which describe various activities done in a particular agricultural season and war dances are also an intrinsic art form in Nagaland,

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