Furniture is always one of the costly investments of your budget and so it needs more care and attention in your home. Your furniture and its appearance are the part of your home in an impressive manner. 

So it should be your top priority to taking care of your furniture ignorance and negligence of caring of your costly furniture can ruin this. 

Here we are presenting you the tips as how you can maintain your costly furniture with the little investment of your time for such costly items. 

Needless to say, the corners, bottom and back of the furniture must be taken care for the long live and be healthy for all of us. Just go through these tips to care your costly furniture. 
The monsoons are almost always a much wanted respite from the sultry summer heat, but they also bring with them their own set of issues. For instance, the rains and the humidity can create difficulty in maintaining the furniture health, making them look unsightly or probably even ruining them. Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Director of I’m the Centre of Applied Arts, gives us some simple tips to keep these monsoon blues away.

Use a little distance- Walls get damp during the monsoon and transfer its moisture to the surface of the furniture. Avoid this by moving your furniture away from the wall. This will reduce the amount of moisture it attracts and keep the furniture dry.
Ventilation is important- Ensure that your interiors are well ventilated. The free passage of air reduces the amount of humidity that collects on the furniture and keeps them dry.

Avoid wet clothes- Avoid using wet clothes to clean furniture. Instead of a wet cloth, use a gentle, dry cloth to avoid dust accumulation. Dust absorbs moisture which may result in softening of the furniture over time.
Don’t get too close to the windows- Try to keep your furniture is away from the windows. Your painted furniture can fade due to the moisture seeping through the windows.

Maintenance instead of renovation- During this season, it’s a bad idea to start with any renovation. Buildings, painting and carpentry are most effective when there is no moisture in the air. The Monsoon is rather a time for providing some TLC and maintenance to your furniture.

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