As the Monsoon has knocked the door with its impact on our daily life, now its turn to do change in our dyning plate. Yes, we have brought unique dished for you to beat the adverse affect of Monsoon on your life. 

Try this Monsoon Recipe Jalapenos Murgh Tandoori Tikka which is specially prepared keeping in mind the Monsoon Season by Chef Vijesh Modi (Sr. Sous Chef), The Deltin, Daman.

Now, no need to wait and just try this Monsoon Recipe Jalapenos Murgh Tandoori Tikka . 

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Ingredients:  Jalapenos Murgh Tandoori Tikka

Sl. No Ingredients Measurement
1 Chicken Leg B/L 240 Gm
2 Curd 150 Gm
3 Garlic 10 Gm
4 Ginger 10 Gm
5 Lemon   30 Gm
6 Jalapenos 15 Gm
7 Black pepper 5 Gm
9 Garam Masala 10 Gm
10 Cumin Powder 5 Gm
11 Cardamom Powder 5 Gm
12 Ginger Powder 5 Gm
13 Mustard Oil 10 Ml
14 Salt Tata                 6 Gm
15 Black Salt 3 Gm
16 Butter 10 Gm
17 Chat Masala 10 Gm

18 Mint chutney 30 Gm

Take chicken leg boneless wash it nicely remove all moisture and cut one by four. 
First marinate it with ginger garlic paste and salt.                   
Keep it in the chiller for two hours now add chopped jalapenos, all dry masala powder, salt pepper, mustard oil, hung curd and lemon juice.   
 Keep the marinate chicken in fridge for four hours for better taste. 
Take out and arrange the pieces on skewers.
Cook it in the tandoor at 300 degree centigrate. 
Baste it with butter just after almost done. 

Cook it nicely and serve hot with green chutney and laccha onion salad.

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