Leader of House Subhash Arya said that formation of High Committee by Delhi Govt. to regularize contractual employees is just a political stunt. He said that Delhi Govt. is making lucrative announcements and promises to gain political mileage in Loksabha Elections. Formation of this High Powered Committee is another gimmick to misguide thousand of contractual employees.

Arya said that there are thousands of contractual employees working in all three Corporations of Delhi, we also want to regularize them but the Delhi Municipal Act, 1957 was amended by the Delhi Government and Section 92-A was added into the Act, the Corporation do not have the powers to recruit employees of categories ‘B’ and ‘C’.

“Due to this provision, there was a shortage of about 400 junior engineers, 9000 school teachers and other technical staff in various departments of MCDs. The corporations then resorted to recruitment of the employees on contract basis,” Mr. Arya added.

Arya further said that the corporation has been demanding regularization of its contractual employees for many years. “However, since we do not have the power to regularize the contractual employees, we are completely dependent on Delhi Government for it, “he said.

Leader of House said that Delhi Govt. is playing with the sentiments of thousand of contractual employees by making such announcements. He further added if Delhi Govt. really wants to regularize the contractual employees then they have to give us powers to do so, we will regularize and give them job security.

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