New Delhi: Jamia’s Outreach Programme in collaboration with Jamia Discussion Forum organized a cultural and Literary Evening on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of the noted Urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz today in Dayar-e Mir Taqi Mir.

The Programme began with a welcome note delivered by Prof. Sonia Surabhi Gupta, Director Centre for European and Latin American Studies. Prof. Sonia Surabhi Gupta extended a warm welcome to the speakers Mr. Sohail Hashmi, a well-known theatre artist, Ms. Shehali Frost, a writer and theatre artist and Dr. Ahmad Mahfooz.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Ahmad Mahfooz from the Department of Urdu highlighted the contribution of Faiz Ahmad Faiz in the Progressive Writers Movement. Dr. Ahmad Mahfooz also pointed out that Faiz could successfully strike a balance between his ideological leanings and his artistic genius. With his poetic genius, Faiz exploited the conventions of classical poetics to engage with pressing contemporary issues.

Sohail Hashmi, noted for his heritage walks of Delhi and his intense engagement with theatre, captivated the audience with the recitation of some of the best verses of Faiz in his powerful voice. He also narrated some interesting anecdotes to contextualize his poetry.

He recited selected poems to highlight the captivating imagery drawn from both contemporary life and rich poetic and cultural heritage of Urdu and Persian. The recitations were followed by poetic renditions of selected verses of Faiz Ahmad Faiz by Ms Shephali Frost. Shefali Frost with her melodious voice mesmerized the audience in the capacity-packed hall that comprised students and faculty.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks to the honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Talat Ahmad for generating a vibrant academic atmosphere on the campus. A special vote of thanks was given to all the speakers and students.

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