BJP alleges: Kejriwal has left Delhi in absolute lurch
New Delhi: BJP has attacked on the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party for the controversy as the projection of him as CM Candidate for Punjab. The fears of Delhites have ultimately come true. Kejriwal has shown no scruples in deserting Delhi for Punjab.

 Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta has said that Dy. CM Manish Sisodia’s declaration that CM Kejriwal will be AAPs CM candidate for Punjab is nothing but crass cheating of Delhities. CM has left Delhi in absolute lurch. It has become a city of neglect since its CM had already abandoned it.

Development has come to a halt with CM missing or blaming the Centre for his failures. Since AAP has failed to woo the people of Punjab, Kejriwal has resorted to the last move of becoming CM candidate. It symbolizes AAPs desperation to find political footing outside Delhi at any cost in its journey to political ambitions. Kejriwal has proved that he can go to any extent to gain power.

Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta  today said that the Chief Minister who took oath on the 14 February, 2014  that he will serve Delhi for the next five years and asked forgiveness of Delhites for  deserting them as CM in his last term, has shown no scruples in deserting them to fulfill his national level political ambitions.  He had, in fact, already abnegated the responsibilities as the Chief Minister of Delhi and handed them over to his deputy Manish Sisodia.

Gupta said that Delhites had voted him to power to govern Delhi.  Now they feel cheated when they find Sisodia in his place running the City.  His desertion of Delhi has proved costly for Delhi’s growth and development.  The conditions of roads, hospitals and schools are highly deplorable. If this continues, the time is not far away when Delhi becomes a second class city.

Kejriwal’s intentions were doubtful from the very beginning. Delhi’s Chief Minister, said Mr. Gupta, occupies a unique distinction of not having any Ministry with him.  No other CM in the country has this enviable position.  Whereas other CMs want to keep maximum ministries with them so that could give proper direction to the Government, Kejriwal chose to keep himself free from all ministries or departments.

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