Mosaic is golden collections by Pankaj & Nidhi which was highly appreciated by the audiences during the  ongoing FDCI ICW 2019 mega show in the Capital. Duo's inaugural couture collection stole the show for the show for its glorious attractions which takes inspiration from the decorative art form of the same name. 

The Art which was originated thousands of years ago but flourished particularly in the 6th-15th century Byzantine empire,  when it was gloriously used on walls and ceilings in basilicas and churches.

Pankaj & Nidhi’s Collection 2019 pays tribute to this period of magnificent ornamentation by recreating the same magic with artisanal dexterity on textiles. 

Three-dimensional, hand-cut appliqués and precision inlay work with metallic fabric biscuits have been rendered on translucent tulles and satin organzas to give a breathtaking effect to the garments. Precise and geometric embellished motifs turn a medieval inspiration into a graphic vision for the future.

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