Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Myanmar has commenced a new journey under State Counsellor of Myanmar, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi able leadership.It’s a journey of hope and much promise.
India has a robust development cooperation programme with Myanmar. From the mega connectivity projects like Kaladan and Trilateral Highway, to projects in the fields of human resource development, healthcare, training and capacity building, we are sharing our resources and expertise with Myanmar.India’s nearly US Dollars 1.75 billion of development assistance is centered on people.
India and Myanmar agreed for a close coordination to ensure security: Modi

He further said that is in line with the priorities of Myanmar government and its people.In our conversation today, we have agreed to enhance our engagement in several areas including agriculture, power, renewable energy and power sector. India will develop a Varietal Development and Seed Production Centre in Yezin in Myanmar to enhance the quality of seeds.
He said that both the countries will also work to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement for trade in pulses.

India has  offered to scale up the power supply from Moreh in Manipur to Tamu in Myanmar. We will also partner in a pilot LED electrification project at a site designated by the Government of Myanmar.The MOU on Cooperation in the Power Sector signed just now will help create the framework for advancing our linkages in this important sector.

Both the countries are as close and friendly neighbours, the security interests of India and Myanmar are closely aligned. We have agreed that a close coordination to ensure security in the areas along our border, and sensitivity to each other’s strategic interests, will serve the interests of both our countries.

Our societies enjoy a cultural connect that is centuries old. We have offered assistance in restoring pagodas damaged in the recent earthquake in Myanmar. The Archaeological Survey of India will also soon begin work on restoring two old temples and inscriptions of King Mindon and King Baygyidaw in Bodh Gaya.

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